Bucks Mavericks Handball

Bucks Mavericks Handball Club is the only Handball club in Buckinghamshire area, providing sessions and competition for youth and adult players. This club came with the merge of Bucks Bullets Handball and MK Mavericks Futsal and allows for both sports to be integrated in the same club.

Handball is one of the most complete sports in terms of physical and mental wellbeing and provide skills that are useful for other life activities, such as communication and social interactions. If you don’t know what Handball is I guess the best way to describe it would be to imagine water polo without the water.

This sport has been growing in last few years and has been integrated into schools more often. A lot of transferable skills from other sports such as Netball and Basketball make the newcomers feel comfortable playing this exciting and fast paced game.

As a club we are aiming to provide safe, fun, and inclusive sessions for all kinds of different age groups but more importantly to give an opportunity to the players to be the best version of themselves.

That continues to be part of our mission while we confidently present ourselves to our wider community as an established handball club.